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WalcoRen® Natural Rennet Powder 97P100 Premium 97 + (100 Gr. / 0.22 lb)

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General Product information

  • Enzyme extraction, as with all WalcoRen® natural products is done through an extraction process which was developed in Kufstein. This process guarantees the highest production purity and above all, the most consistent production quality.
  • In a further especially developed natural production step - traditional enzyme precipitation by using table salt only - the Chymosin is extracted and subsequently separated from the remaining liquid. All WalcoRen® powdered rennet products are exclusively produced using this natural process.
  • A fault free system of control from the slaughter house to delivery of the finished product guarantees precise batch traceability.
  • WalcoRen® Premium 97P100 is free of any added preservation.
Product description
  • WalcoRen® Premium 97P100 stands for natural calf vell rennet in powder form containing min. 97% Chymosin and max. 3% Pepsin (IDF 110B:1997).
  • WalcoRen® Premium 97P100 is in the form of a white to yellow fine crystalline powder. Small colour differences between individual batches depend on the natural raw materials employed.
  • WalcoRen® Premium 97P100 is neither genetically manufactured (like FPC) nor does it contain genetically modified milk coagulating enzymes. Not genetically modified according to the following regulation: (EC) 258/97, (EC) 1139/98, (EC) 49/2000, (EC) 50/2000and (EC) 2092/91 current versions.
  • WalcoRen® Premium 97P100 corresponds to EC specific directives for the dairy industry.

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Activity and composition

Soxhlet 1:100.000 ± 5%
IMCU IDF 157A:1997 914 ± 5%
mg Chymosin / Litre 5.450 ± 5%
Ratio mg Pepsin / mg Chymosin 1:21,0 ± 5%
Chymosin IDF:110B:1997 97% ≥ 3%
Pepsin IDF:110B:1997 3% ≥ 3%

Chemical Specification

Density 1,00 – 1,15 g
Table-salt – NaCl 95% - 97%
Sodium-Benzoate E211 none added

Microbiological Analysis

This rennet has been microbiologically analysed in accordance with the analysis regulations of the Swiss Dairy commission and it fulfils all the bacteriological demands.

Total plate count <1000/g
Salt tolerant bacteria <100/g
Aerobic spore formers <10/g
Anaerobic spore formers <1/g
Propionic acid bacteria negative in 1 g
Yeasts/moulds negative in 1 g
Coliform bacteria negative in 1 g
Salmonella negative in 25 g
Listeria negative in 25 g
Staphylococcus Aureus negative in 25 g

The above bacteriological analysis details are valid only for correct storage at 0-8°C and for containers with their original seals.
  • The product range WalcoRen® Premium 97P100 is the top quality product of the WalcoRen® rennet liquid product line.
  • The dosage quantity is determined by the quantity of milk, the required process parameters and the enzyme concentration - pH, temperature, required coagulation time, pasteurised milk.
  • WalcoRen® Premium 97P100 should be diluted into 15 to 30 times the amount of chlorine free cold water and then be added to the milk.

WalcoRen® Premium 97P100 is a fine crystalline powder and contains approx. 95% table-salt (NaCl) and is therefore safe to utilise.
As with all natural enzymes, WalcoRen® Premium 97P100 should also be stored in a dark place at a temperature of between 0°C and +15°C.