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Prices are given in different currencies according to the situation (CAN$ or US$). The client shall pay in the currency of the invoice. Prices shown in price lists catalog and on the website are subject to change without notice. Prices given in quotations are guaranteed for 30 days unless specified.

Shipping and delivery :

The responsibility transfer of the goods is defined by the incoterm mentioned on the invoice. In most cases, Walcovit will choose the shipper and book the transport for the client who is responsible to pay for the shipping.

These products shall be verified and put under the right temperature storage without delay upon reception by the client. Failure to do so may result in a alteration or loss of product.

Payment terms:

Payment terms are shown on quotations and invoices. A past due account will be charged at a 1,5% monthly interest rate until full payment of the invoice. The products remain the property of Walcovit until full payment of the invoice.

Walcovit usually require a 100% payment (including shipping charges) before shipping. A credit line given by Walcovit to the client can be revoked at any time by Walcovit.

Custom made products and special order:

Some custom made products and order require a down payment. These order are processed only when the down payment is received. The estimated delivery delays will then be considered from that day. The estimated delivery delays are not contractual and may vary under certain circumstances.

An order cancellation by the client for which a down payment was given lead to the loss of the down payment for the client to Walcovit as a compensation. If Walcovit has to cancel the client order, a full refund will be made to the client.

Products compliance and conformity:

Unless specified in the contract, the responsibility of the compliance of the products to the local laws, regulations and codes, etc. is assumed by the client. The client should then mention the needed product specifications to Walcovit in a written and detailed specifications document prior the order. Any modifications made to the products may result in additional costs assumed by the client.


No claim will be accepted for products that have been modified, misused or abused. Walcovit is not responsible for the labour, product loss, production downtime or any monetary loss of any nature. The buyer renounce to any claim regarding this situation.

Product return:

Every product return needs a return authorization # given by Walcovit. Please contact our customer service to get a number by email or by phone : +1 (418) 666-3058.

Some products have a re-stocking fee. Perishable products and packaging products (paper, casein labels, etc.) that were opened cannot be returned. Please read below about the specific situations for product returns:

Shipping error by Walcovit
Shipping charges for shipping errors from Walcovit are under Walcovit responsibility. The client should advise Walcovit of the non-conformity of the shipment received under 24 hours.

Order cancellation/mistaken order

Shipping charges for orders errors or cancellation from the client are under his responsibility. The client should advise Walcovit of the non-conformity of the shipment received under 24 hours and ask for a return authorization # before shipping.

Damaged products

The products sent by Walcovit are insured by Walcovit when the carrier is booked by Walcovit. In order to register a claim, the client shall notify the damaged shipment on the carrier bill of lading and contact Walcovit upon reception of the package. If the damage to a product is noticed after its reception, the claim should be done through a return authorization # given by our customer service. It is mandatory to provide pictures of the damaged box and products and details when asking for a return #. The claim has to be sent no later than 24 hours after the reception of the products.


When buying from Walcovit, WalcoRen products; the buyer explicitly accepts the above mentioned conditions. This contract entirely includes the agreement between the parties and invalidates any other previous agreement. Any changes made to the following will be null and void. Unless the intervene within a written document signed by representatives authorized by the parties. The buyers representative personally guarantees that he or she is duly authorized to bind the buyer to the terms of this contract. The buyers agrees that the seller will remain the sole owner of the goods until total payment. The terms and obligations of the following are an integral part of the contract agreed upon between parties, which is governed by the laws in force in the province of Québec. In case of a dispute, the parties accept to establish domicile in the judiciary district of Québec City, Québec, Canada.



All returns require a return authorization number provided by Walcovit. Contact Customer Service to obtain this number.

Walcovit shipping errors:

The transportation charges related to shipping errors are the responsibility of Walcovit. The customer must notify Walcovit of the mistake within 24 hours.

Error / Order Cancellation

The transportation charges related to customer order errors are the responsibility of the customer. The customer must notify Walcovit within 24 hours of receiving the shipment and get a return number before sending the merchandise back to Walcovit.


Origin: We ship from Quebec City, Quebec, CANADA

Packaging: The packaging fee is included in the shipping costs.

Insurance: The goods are insured by Walcovit until it reaches its final destination.
See Return section for more details.

We ship orders daily at around 3:00 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. Orders placed before noon and for which the merchandise is in stock are usually shipped the same day. Please mention the customer service your need for a special expedition.

Shipping Methods: We ship with major courier services by land depending on the destination, the best transit time and lowest cost. It is also possible to ship using your own shipping account (Fed Ex, UPS). Please include any special request to our customer service. Additional charges may apply for transport by bus or plane. Order processing may take up to 2 working days.

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