Rennet Powder

WalcoRen® rennet powder is the purest form of natural rennet. It is used in cheeses that require particularly long maturity. WalcoRen guarantees a chymosin content of 97%. This eliminates any problems that producers might normally encounter when working to maturity times of two years and longer.


WalcoRen®  rennet powder is produced exclusively from the stomachs of young calves. The raw material sources are permanently monitored in the interest of the highest possible quality. A significant proportion of the products raw materials is procured in New Zealand. Unspoilt nature and the fact that calves there are only fed with milk from their own mothers result in highly reliable and best possible natural rennet. The good relationships that maintains with suppliers have been established for decades.

The raw material is gently extracted in a solution of table salt and spring water. In this state, the natural rennet is then cleaned and preserved through several mechanical filtration processes. The company deliberately does not employ any cheap filtration method like e.g. vacuum rotation filters to prevent product oxidation. The product is dried using very traditional and time-consuming but also extremely gentle methods. The process entails a lot of manual work, which, however, constitutes the basis for the high-quality of our rennet powder.

The company operates only on the basis of batch production to ensure continuous process monitoring and traceability. Hundsbichler therefore always knows precisely what it produces and sells.

Qualities and packaging units


WalcoRens natural rennet powder is diluted in slightly salted chloride-free cold water and added to the vat milk.


The variety of natural enzyme complexes contained only in natural rennet guarantees the best possible cheese yields and taste. Over millions of years, evolution has developed these enzymes to perfection. Consequently, they cannot be reproduced by man-made coagulants. This is something that Darwin would have readily confirmed.Walcoren®    natural  rennet powder  is used particularly  in cheeses with long maturation times. Grana Padano, Par- migiano  Reggiano,  Emmental  or Bergkäse (mountain cheese) are probably the most familiar. Matura- tion times of more than three years have already been achieved with our products  without any bitter substances being produced. Rennet strengths are also available to suit most customers’ required strengths.  Natural rennet powder is available in tablets for 20 litres of milk, in 500 gr. to1 Kg. cans or in 25 kilogram pails. The company caters to all operations i.e. from the small individual producer to the industrial bulk manufacturers of cheese.